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Boema will attend at the CIBUSTEC of Parma,  the International Exhibition on Technologies and Solutions for the Food Industry, is the main event for technological innovation in the Agro-Food Industry field

The fair will take place at: Fiere di Parma, Viale delle Esposizioni 393A - 43126 Parma.

Period: from 28/10/2014 to 31/10/2014

We will be in Hall 5,  Stand E044.

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Along with Boema will be present also KEY TECHNOLOGY, a world leading manufacturer of sorters and magnetic vibration conveyor systems, which since 1995 is represented by Boema for Italian market.




Boema is really glad and proud to inform you that we have recently completed the installation of a new plant for the production of red fruit purees.

The project has been realized for one of the world leading company in the production of high quality concentrated juices, purees (nature and concentrated), compounds and colouring matters, in a factory in East Europe.

Boema was chosen for the supply of the complete fruit processing line, after a careful technical evaluation with international competitors. In fact Boema not only proved his technical skills to realize each processing phase, but also to be able to offer the best technical solutions, taking in consideration also all the production flexibility required by the customer. Thus thanks to the tested performances of the new turbo hot and cold extractors PR410 e PR411.

The line has a production capacity of 8 ton/h, with the possibility to transform fruits with or without stones. We paid particularly attention to the extraction, enzymatic inactivation, degassing, standardization and cooling phases.

Puree extraction: the plant is intended for the realization of products for different markets, and with characteristics really different in granulometry, fibrousity, colour, presence or not of seeds, density, viscosity, etc…. For this reason only the extractors can grant the maximum yields for each specific application. We supplied different machines for the phases of destoning / removal of stalks, cold extraction and hot refining. 


Enzymatic inactivation: this phase is really important to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and it is therefore performed by means of a specific heater for red fruit, conceived to preserve the flavour, colour, pigmentation and fibrousity.


Degassing: The degassing phase is really important to preserve the qualities of the puree during the time. For this reason we decided to install a machine able to grant the best vacuum performances, condensates mixing and diffusion and reintegration of the aromas. 


Standardization: This phase is really important to keep the end product as homogeneous as possible. We also considered the possibility to sanitize some parts without stopping the line.


Cooling: The thermal cycle of the product is fundamental to preserve the chemical- physics features of the product and therefore we optimized all, in order to reach the best possible performances. 


Boema has been also charged to realize the CIP station for the all factory, as a completion of the plants.


Also the command software has been directly developed by Boema and it grants the easiness of use, access safety to the different company functions and record historical datas. 


All the machines Boema are designed to maximize the production process, granting really high quality standards, always thinking to the easiness of inner sanification and outer washing.

The constant and careful updating, required by the increasing end users’ demands and by the most evolutes design techniques, push us each day to raise our diligence on the market.

Since more than 30 years Boema designs and manufactures machines and plants for the food industry and can always offer developed solutions thanks to a continuous search for improving. For this reason we put at disposal of our customers an equipped  laboratory for trials and analysis in our factory

For further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address: boema@boema.com 


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