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Boema builds cookers-blanchers for fruits and vegetables using the principle of steam direct injection.
Completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel, they are formed of:
omega shaped press-formed plate body equipped with head flanges and
  discharge hopper
motorization flange with stuffing box;
hinged upper cover and relevant safety system;
flanged loading hopper;
central shaft Ø 90 mm. with product feeding spiral Ø 400 mm., pitch 250 mm.;
speed variator to adjust the cooking time;
- thermal isolation on the OMEGA body;
set of steam injectors. Each one is equipped with on-off valve;
steam thermo-adjusting valve and temperature gauge;
- teflon total discharge valve;
- supporting frame made of stainless steel tubulars with height adjustment.

Available in the following models:

- H53A/40-20 with loading capacity of 200 liters
- H53A/40-30 with loading capacity of 300 liters
- H53A/60-20 with loading capacity of 500 liters
- H53A/60-30 with loading capacity of 800 liters


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