The value of a company can't be evaluated by the production capacities only

The value of a company which provides plant and machineries can't be evaluated by the production capacities only, in fact the guarantees of technical reliability and speed in reacting to the unexpected assume a fundamental relevance. For this reason Boema has invested heavily in its after-sales service and offers its customers an efficient warehouse able to govern more than 80,000 different spare parts, and a proven system for identifying students through the details and codes by which may suddenly respond to every request.

In addition, Boema has several work teams located in Italy, Poland and Serbia for the emergency at the premises of customers. Finally, for the plants and the most complete lines, it is very important the possibility to remotely control the plant through an internet connection, by which Boema is able at all time to check the lines and identify any malfunction or abnormal situations.

Boema is able to offer a service for Remote Assistance in order to check the status of the machinery. Boema engineers are able to check up immediately the machinery status and if necessary fix the problem noticed.

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