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From fresh to frozen, from powder to puree with Boema technology


Since 1979 BOEMA S.P.A. designed and manufactured the best industrial machines for chestnuts processing. Thanks to its wide experience, you can find Boema machines by all big producers of chestnuts worldwide.


Marron glace
Roasted chestnuts
Fresh chestnuts
Chestnuts puree

machines and solutions

Fresh chestnuts sizing

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures drum sizing lines to separate light foreign bodies. The machines can be provided with mixing belts to mix together several sizes. The models available ...

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Chestnuts sterilisation

Boema S.p.A. manufactures the sterilisation line that performs on the product a special treatment to prevent the birth of insects (destruction of eggs) and kills all the parasites present on the ...

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Fresh chestnuts preparation

Boema S.p.A. manufactures lines to process chestnuts destined to the fresh market. The pre-sized and pre-sterilised chestnuts will be then manually sorted, brushed and polished and then packed into ...

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Chestnuts steam peeling

Boema S.p.A. manufactures lines for chestnuts peeling with steam. The chestnuts, previously sized and separated from foreign bodies, pass through a multi blade scoring machine that performs a series ...

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Brulage chestnuts peeling

Boema S.p.A. manufactures lines for chestnuts peeling by "Brulage". The line is composed of a group of ovens to peel by flame the skin and the inner film of the chestnuts. The group is modular and ...

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Chestnuts candying

Boema S.p.A. manufactures plants for the production of candied chestnuts with traditional system in tanks. The modular structure of the tanks is suitable to satisfy every need in terms of ...

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Chestnuts glazing

Boema S.p.A. manufactures linear tunnels to glaze already candied chestnuts for the production of marron glacé. The tunnel feeding is made by specific grids, manually loaded with electrical ...

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Chestnuts puree

Boema S.p.A. manufactures plants for the production of chestnuts puree, ready to be packed, starting both from fresh and frozen chestnuts, with or without peel. For this type of product the plant is ...

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Chestnuts dryer

Boema S.p.A. manufactures vertical chestnuts dryers in batch. The product is loaded into the machine, where it is subdivided into specific chambers with hot air circulating. The permanence time is ...

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Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures lines for the production of candied products specific according to the product to be candied. In last years, the traditional candying technology “in ...

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