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Jam lines

Production of jams and fruit sterile preps


BOEMA S.P.A. manufactures plants for the production of jams with or without pieces and fruit sterile preps packed aseptically. Thanks to the wide range of machines and to the experience collected during the years, Boema can design and adapt the plants to the specific processing needs and to the features of the output product required.


Thermostable and non-aseptic preparations
Aseptic preparations for Yogurt
Fruit compotes
Topping and fruit sauces
Creams and mousses
baby food
Powidla e pecmes
Pouch - Doypack

machines and solutions

Shelling mill for IQF and frozen lumps PR49

Boema S.p.A. manufactures shelling mills and pulping machines for IQF fruits and vegetables, lumps, conglomerations of fruit or frozen puree drums in order to obtain a shelled and/or pulped product ...

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Preparators - Defreezer JPB202

Boema S.p.A. manufactures preparators-defreezers with discontinuous (or batch) process or cotinuous cycle for fruit and vegetables in pieces or whole or puree. This machine is suitable to receive and ...

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Turbo mixer TM

The Turbo Mixer is designed to: Dissolve and prepare solutions of pectins, thickeners (starches, powders ...) and secondary components, to obtain a solution of suspension of solids in a ...

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Horizontal Bowl JPB 205

The success of Boema S.p.A. plants is due to the choice of focusing in manufacturing horizontal evaporation bowls and defreezers. Despite the initial unwillingness of the market, which was accustomed ...

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Vertical bowl JPB206 - YPB206

Boema S.p.A. manufactures vertical bowls for cooking, degassing and eventually concentration of fruits and vegetables and eventual cooling under aseptic or not aseptic conditions. The bowl is mainly ...

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Resting tank JPB209

Boema S.p.A. manufactures resting tank for a temporary storage of product waiting for the filling allowing the previous machines to start a new process cycle. The machine is isolated ...

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Sterile cooler YPB207

Boema S.p.A. manufactures a type of cooler in batch which is suitable to cool under sterilise conditions for the fruits preps to be packed in aseptic environment. The machine works coupled with the ...

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Scraped surface steriliser PE138

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures sterilisers – coolers with exchanger with scraped surface for the production of aseptic preps. This machine is suitable for the sterilisation of high ...

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Aseptic filling machine USA

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures aseptic filling machines to fill aseptically at room temperature liquid and semi-dense products with or without pieces up to the max dimension of an 2". The ...

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Jam lines

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures complete lines for the production of jams and aseptic or non-aseptic preps, destined to the preserving industry, dairy, ice production industry, retail, yogurt ...

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Turbo mixer for powders dissolution

The Turbo Mixer is having a big success in lines for the production of jam or aseptic preparations as secondary machine at disposal of the process. Thanks to its excellent mixing features, it is ...

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Aseptic filling

Boema S.p.A. is one of the main supplier worldwide of plants for aseptic filling of fluid alimentary products, with particular specialisation in treating limpid juices, semi limpid, natural and ...

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Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures lines for the production of candied products specific according to the product to be candied. In last years, the traditional candying technology “in ...

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Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures C.I.P. washing fluids preparation plants of various dimensions according to the amount of uses to be served. The system is generally composed of a washing ...

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