Boema Lab

The best technical and technological solutions

In order to offer a better service and increase the added value to their products, Boema realised a laboratory provided with chemical analysis tools (electronic refractometers, Bostwick consistometer, electronic balance, magnetic stirrer, ...) and with several pilot plants. Thanks to the water, electricity, steam and compressed air connections our technicians can put into operation our pilots and machinery, in order to:

• Carry out tests about product yield or quality on our plants;
• Carry out technical studies and feasibility testing on our equipment;
• Making tests on products using raw materials of the customer;
• Perform tests to develop experimental equipment or analyse existing machines for future technological developments.

The laboratory was very useful in solving many technical problems because it allowed the technical staff of Boema’s 3 engineering offices to conduct in-depth analysis on the nature of the problems and then test the validity of various solutions suggested. Currently Boema’s laboratory has available the following pilot plants:

• Plant for hot and cold candying, under vacuum or by room pressure;
• Plant for the production of jams under vacuum or by room pressure;
• Hot or cold extractor for juice and puree;
• Mixer for creams