Since 1979 company leader in building plants for the food sector

1979: Boema was founded

1984: construction of the first steam pressure peeling line

1985: the corporate headquarters moved to Neive

1994: Boema CE sp zoo - Warsaw was founded

1995: comes into operation the second manufacturing unit in Neive, specializing in making stainless steel tanks for the food, chemical and wine industry

1995: Boema became a limited company

1995: construction of the first model of horizontal cooker with innovative heating system

1995: a sales office in Kiev opened

1996: the headquarters in Neive was enlarged with a new production building

1997: construction of the first model sterilisation and aseptic filling

1999: the first complete plant for the production of semi aseptic food processing was realised

2006: second extension of the headquarter in Neive

2007: the Polish location moved in south-eastern Poland by becoming a production unit

2008: a sales office in Novi Sad - Serbia opened, with stock parts and personnel ready-to-service

2010: the company O.O.O. Boema-Rus registered office in Krasnodar (Russian Federation) was founded, for a better support of Russian customers

2013: the third extension of the headquarter in Neive was completed, Boema doubled its facilities reaching 15.000 m² in workshop and unifies in a new building all technical departments