Research and technology

Boema always aimed to improve itself with the help of new technologies.

Boema has at its disposal a team of engineers and technicians highly trained and specialized in different fields:

• chemical engineering (analysis of the chemical reactions of the products during the processing phases);
• mechanical engineering (designing of all the mechanical parts of the machines);
• electrical, electronical and mechatronic engineering (development of hardware and software for machines control);
• physical engineering (study of flows dynamic and of product moving)

Boema always aimed to improve itself with the help of new technologies. That’s because we use 3D software for the design of our machineries to evaluate carefully every detail in our machines.

High consideration is given to the electronic equipment. Boema is so able to offer simple electrical control panels or monitoring stations able to record all progress of the line, to advise the conductor line on possible bottlenecks and problems, as well as systems to automatically divert product or lock the line. Boema has deeply invested in its own electronic department in order to ensure accurate and reliable control software and at the same time to develop an interface for operators as simple as possible.

A particular consideration is also given to its own employees’ training developed in a suitably-made internal room for presentation and refresher courses.
Thanks to several research collaborations with Polytechnic of Turin, Boema could collect skills in several fields of food processing, becoming able to offer cutting edge and reliable solutions.

We took part in the past and take part also nowadays to several calls for tenders of research and development collaborating with the biggest national and international companies. Moreover, Boema is always attentive to the new opportunities offered by the new technologies, and is therefore in contact with other companies to establish research and development projects in cooperation with suppliers and complementary companies.