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Hot or cold puree extraction


BOEMA S.p.A manufactures whole plants to produce fruits and vegetables purees, natural or concentrated, destined to be aseptic packed, to be frozen, for the production of juices, mixes and jams. For all the end products Boema manufactures machines and equipment needed to receive the raw material, also coming directly from the harvesting, to the transformation and preserving of the product with capacities adjustable according to the needs of the customer-user.

The processing phases are one of the most critical aspect of modern plants for the production of natural or concentrated puree and often even small differences can lead to really different results, both from the economical as also from the energy saving point of view.


Natural fruit or vegetables puree
Fruit or vegetables concentrated puree
Frozen puree
Juices and nectars
baby food
Tomato concentrate
Aseptic preparations for Yogurt
Sorbets and ice creams
Pouch - Doypack

machines and solutions

Washing machine with agitating action L4

Boema S.p.A. manufactures washing machines with agitating action to receive product from bins, dose it in line and perform a first washing. The washing machine is versatile and compact and thanks to ...

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Shelling mill for IQF and frozen lumps PR49

Boema S.p.A. manufactures shelling mills and pulping machines for IQF fruits and vegetables, lumps, conglomerations of fruit or frozen puree drums in order to obtain a shelled and/or pulped product ...

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Strainer - Destoning machine - Declusting machine PR42

Boema S.p.A. manufactures slanted strainers suitable to pulp extraction, fruit destoning or fruit declusting. The machine works in the first part of the line to perform the first processing of ...

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Hammer pulping machine PR47

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures hammer pulping machines suitable to crush the product before the heating for enzimatic inactivation. The machine is composed by movable hammers for the roughly ...

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Turbo extractor PR410 - PR411

The new generation of Boema extractors is conceived to be able to adapt easily to various productions, in order to reach excellence levels for various applications. The new turbo extractors mod. ...

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Heater-enzymatic deactivator H54

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures heaters for enzymatic inactivation of fruit and vegetables pulp, in the following models: H54_FO:      horizontal shell and tubes with ...

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Evaporator BEC

Boema S.p.A. manufactures multi-stage and multi-effect evaporators for juices and purees of fruit and vegetables. According to the specifications of the user, it is possible to offer plants ...

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Vacuum degasser TEC110

Boema S.p.A. manufactures vacuum degasser for juices of purees with or without pieces of fruits and vegetables. The unit is mainly composed of a vertical tank connected to a shell and tube condenser ...

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Pasteuriser - Steriliser - Cooler PE130 - PE131

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures pasteurisers, sterilisers and coolers for fruits and vegetables juices and purees, natural or concentrated, with or without pieces. The models ...

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Aseptic filling machine USA

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures aseptic filling machines to fill aseptically at room temperature liquid and semi-dense products with or without pieces up to the max dimension of an 2". The ...

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Boema Olimpo

On the basis of studies and great experience collected during years, BOEMA S.p.A. developed an innovative puree extraction system that exploits the principles and values of the cold extraction ...

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Aseptic filling

Boema S.p.A. is one of the main supplier worldwide of plants for aseptic filling of fluid alimentary products, with particular specialisation in treating limpid juices, semi limpid, natural and ...

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Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures C.I.P. washing fluids preparation plants of various dimensions according to the amount of uses to be served. The system is generally composed of a washing ...

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