Frozen products lines

Lines for receiving and preparation to the freezing


BOEMA S.P.A. manufactures complete processing lines for the receiving and washing of vegetables like tubers, roots and various vegetables like cauliflowers, broccolis, zucchinis and peas. The process proceeds with the processing and preparation of the product to be sent to IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) freezing.


Production of frozen vegetable
Washing and sorting
Blancher for fruit or vegetables
Steam peeling for tubers and roots
Frozen products cleaning and calibration
Abrasive peeling of tubers and roots
Frozen products pulping and shelling
Defrosting fruit or vegetables
Production of french fries

machines and solutions

Washing machine with agitating action L4

Boema S.p.A. manufactures washing machines with agitating action to receive product from bins, dose it in line and perform a first washing. The washing machine is versatile and compact and thanks to ...

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Drum washing machine L2 - L3 - L7

Boema S.p.A. manufactures the folloing drum washing machines to the washing of tubers and roots:   L2: version "light" composed of a rotating drum made of perforateed sheet; L3: ...

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Gravitational destoner F63

This machine is used to separate stones, soil and any foreign bodies having a specific weights higher than the product processed. It is composed of an overturned cone with inner rotor to create ...

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Vertical destoner F64

This machine is used to separate stones, soil and any foreign bodies having a specific weights higher than the product processed. The scrapped material settles on the bottom, while the vegetal ...

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Steam pressure peeling machine SPB

Boema S.p.A. manufactures steam pressure peeling machines SPB that work in batch according to a cycle subdivided into six phases exploiting the principle of the pressure drop. The advantages of the ...

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Brushing machine A81

Boema S.p.A. manufactures brushing machines with rollers covered by plastic bristles. The machine is couplead with a steam pressure machine SPB and performs the residual peeling removing ...

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Abrasive peeler A80

The product comes in contact with rollers covered with abrasive material. These rollers, rotating “scratch” the surface of the product removing in this way the peel. There is the ...

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Vibrating tables S31 - S32 - S33

Boema S.p.A. manufactures vibrating tables to eliminate further product scraps and/or to dewater and/or for sizing. They are available in the following models: - S31 with one working ...

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Drum blancher H50 - H59

Boema S.p.A. manufactures the drum continuous cooker-blancher to blanch or to cook with continuous cycle a wide range of products, with indirect system with exchanger with steam passing through ...

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Belt blancher H55

Boema S.p.A. manufactures the belt cooker-blancher which is suitable to cook or to blanch with steam and with steam and/or water a wide range of vegetables.   The machine is provided of ...

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Belt blancher - cooler H56 - H57

Boema S.p.A. manufactures belt blancher-cooler suitable to cook by steam and/or water and to cool by air of a lot of variety of vegetables. In the blaching section the machine is ...

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Post-freezing S38 - S39

Boema S.p.A. manufactures machines suitable to clean and size the frozen product.  There are two different applications: S38: pneumatic separator for light bodies; S39: drum sizing ...

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French Fries lines

Boema S.p.A. designs and manufactures complete lines for the production of french fries, starting from the potatoes coming from the harvesting or form storehouses, to obtain sticks ready to be ...

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Steam pressure peeling machine

Boema S.p.A. manufactures steam peeling machines that work in batch according to a cycle, that can be subdivided into: 1) PRODUCT LOADING: the product, previously loaded into the upper hopper (that ...

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Belt Blancher H55 - H56 - H57

Boema S.p.A. developed an innovative and performing multiuse belt blancher. The steam is kept inside the Belt Blancher in continuous circulation by forced flow, reaching in this way an high ...

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Boema S.p.A. exploits the steam pressure peeling for tubers and roots for the application on peaches. With the same standard working phases it is possible to peel the peaches by steam without the ...

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